Final year FNP student and have been listening to Dr. A since undergrad nursing school; has helped with numerous exams and the understanding of concepts. Quite valuable, thank you.

Kenni Olubiyi

Thank you Dr. Adeleke. Your lectures were a tremendous help towards my preparation for the NCLEX exam. My understanding of the contents especially the pathophys and signs and symptoms improved greatly. I have taken my exam and passed! Great lectures Dr. Adeleke with great sense of humor. You simplified everything. At some point I was like is he supposed to be a doctor or a fine artist. You draw so well! God bless you, keep doing what you are doing.

Scytha Freeman, RN student, US

I just wanted to share with you that I am an RN student and I have used your videos through all of my Anatomy and Physiology classes and in my program as well. Thank you so very much for making all of the complicated processes so very clear!

Nikki Jones,BSN student

I would like to thank you for your videos. They are really helping me through this whole process. You explain things and make it very easy to understand and your out going personality makes it even better to watch and fun while your learning things. So thank you so much, with your help im sure I actually have a chance to pass now !! So glad I found your videos on here.

Dr. Kay Awosika, M.D Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Adesina is a very enterprising physician whose personal experience in medical school fired up the desire to simplify medical education. His course materials make learning internal medicine less arduous and understandable. He is a uniquely gifted individual who is highly motivated and dedicated to excellence.

Matthew Williams Physican Assistant student, Lincoln Memorial Univeristy, TN, US

Dr. Adesina,
I simply wanted to let you know how thankful I am for this website and the work you have done. After discovering your website and subscribing, my comprehension of the material covered in PA school has reached a new peak. While my grades were solid prior to this, I recently made a perfect score on my cardiology clinical medicine test and, more importantly, understand the pathology from definition to treatment like never before. Plus, I recommended your site to a few classmates. One was on the verge of becoming academically ineligible to continue and she credits your videos with the excellent grade she received on the same test I just mentioned. This student's dream is still alive today because of your passion on making the material accessible. Thank you and enjoy your thanksgiving!

Dianise LPN student, Chicago

I am grateful for your lectures! They have definately been of great help in my lectures at school. I would love it if you could do a video on how to remember all medications , I'm not sure if you have a system of remembering them. Thank you again , look forward to many more videos !!

Cynthia Ancheta Butac, Surrey, BC, Canada

Good morning Dr. Adeleke,
Thank you for your enthusiasm to teach. Your way of teaching is easy to understand. Cheers and hope to view more of your teachings on line.

Steffan Cooper, MPH, RN USA

Greetings, First off, I want to commend you on the videos; they are great and make concepts simple to understand! I really enjoy your energetic and passionate teaching style!! Thank you for these videos, they have been EXTREMELY helpful!! Your videos are AMAZING!! thank you for what you are doing!! I've recommended your site to several of my colleagues!!

Barbara Nursing Student, NY

Simply Amazing!!!!!