Eva Nurse, Anesthesia student, University of South Florida, USA

I'm a USF student in the nurse anesthesia program. I really liked you video, it gave me a good laugh after reading my boring guy ton physiology textbook studying.

Ravik, India

Hi, I love ur videos, its very interesting!!! i watched all your ABG interpretation videos. Your are really a great teacher man. thank u soooooooo much.You rock..

Ravenna, USA

I watched your video on portal hypertension and i believed you did an amazing job explaining in great detail. I understood your goal is to educate and your videos referred to portal hypertension as a consequence of liver disease like cirrhosis. Thank you for this video!

Kate, USA

Loved the liver disease videos! You cleared up a lot of questions I had about the disease process...and what the test results mean. I'm an RN student in an accelerated program in Virginia that moves quickly. You're a better lecturer than my real professors! Keep up the good work! I'll be back when I'm studying for the NCLEX.


Thank you, your passion is conducive to effective teaching!


You are truly a great teacher, you break things down to basic terms and it is so much easier to learn it. The books make it TOO COMPLICATED!! I read my book over and over and could not get it, I watched your video and learned it in 9 minutes. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for? sharing you knowledge with all of us.

Nadia DVM, Russia

Thanks a lot for your work! I`m having a board soon and found your lectures really helpful! I wish they taught us the same manner in University)

Sarah Hue, Medical student, Ireland

Hi Dr. Adesina,
Thank you so, so much for the videos! I will be tested on the anatomy of the upper limb tomorrow. Watched your brachial plexus videos, they were extremely helpful, and they made me laugh so much. I have never had as much fun studying and laughing in my entire first semester of med school, as watching your videos now. Thank you so, so much! You showed me that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel, and that there is hope for my revision. I was just about to give up.
Thank you and God bless! I really do hope you keep uploading more videos, they would be such a great help! And keep up the great cheer, that was most probably one of the greatest factors which helped in my (and I'm sure any other student's) understanding of medical facts. Just to let you know, this video has been shared in our med school's fb group, and you'll be getting so much more traffic now, and everyone's finding it really helpful! Subscribed : )


Choledocolithasis lecture, this is a great video and the content is presented very well - notice that no powerpoints, this guy is not afraid to write on the board and get his hands dirty!

Yoshi, RN, Australia

I am absolutely loving your lectures. You made the topic easy to understand, and I really appreciate that I can have fun while learning heaps... You are amazing, thank you very much!!