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Medical Lectures For Physician Assistants: But Why Us?

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Consider this: we are trusted by over 7.8 million medical students, physicians, nursing administrators, physician assistants, nurse practitioners all over the world. We boast of a massive 102,000 online subscribers to our courses, a 100% pass rate across the board, and a 7,300,000+ view rates off our courses. 

But those are just statistics. If you are looking to become a Physician Assistant, a physician, a registered nurse, etc., you’d want to consider our offerings. Here’s why you’d be wise to invest for your future by training with us: 

Courses are stacked & arranged logically

We don’t believe in overwhelm and neither should you. Studying for professional exams is hard already and you’d need only as much as required. 

Our courses are neatly arranged in about 9 modules, and this is available for one single price. This helps decrease your study time by a whopping 75%, gives you everything you need in one place, and makes preparation for exams a breeze.

Whether it’s biochemistry, Musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular System, or anything else you’d like to master specifically, you can. Take a look at the various topics[1] you can take courses on.


Confidence is Built In

What’s a course like without being able to instil confidence in you? It’s not just about Internal medicine or preparing for NAPLEX, it’s also about how convenient the process of studying and preparing for your exams can be.

Arm yourself with more than 320+ videos that make learning a breeze. Our members report 89% of higher in test averages and an overall higher board scores than other educational company in this industry.

Be more productive 

Our lectures, video courses, question banks, and everything else you’d need are available for you 24 x 7. You’d never have to waste time commuting or stay tethered to your desktop just to study. You can watch the videos at your own convenience. Also, Increase your productivity and efficiency.

Stellar Support

Each time you visit our website, our support staff are available for you to talk to if you have any questions about the course itself or about the exams. 

Our excellent customer support teams are equipped to help answer any queries you might have for them. Needless to say, the course content is updated regularly, new material is always added, and our servers can take on any kind of demands you’d make off them – this means that there’s never any kind of a downtime. 

If you’d like to take a sneak peak into our courses, please sign up here[2].



[1] FTPLectures:

[2] FTPLectures Pricing Plans:

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  • Mohamed Hussein Mar 03, 2017
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  • Doctor ' s Feb 28, 2018
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