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Updated information and practice materials for the Step 2 CK examination

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Taking the USMLE examination could be both stressful and frustrating at times, however, there are some review materials that can ease some of the stress.

USMLE has updated thier information and practice materials that reviewers can use and prepare from. The update also intends to prepare examiners for Step 2 CK component which includes sample test materials and tutorials and other information materials.

According to, the content for Step 2 CK consists of multiple-choice questions prepared by test material development committees composed of faculty members, teachers, investigators, and clinicians with recognized prominence in their respective fields. Committee members are selected to provide broad representation from the academic, practice, and licensing communities across the United States and Canada. Test questions focus on the principles of clinical science that are deemed important for the practice of medicine under supervision in postgraduate training.

USMLE Step 2 CK is a one-day examination. It is composed of eight 60-minute blocks which is administered in a single 9-hour testing session. The number of questions on a given examination form will vary, however it will not exceed 44. The whole examination form will not exceed 350. A minimum allotment of 45 minute break time and a 15-minute optional tutorial.

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