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USMLE Step-3 Preparation

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Taking the USMLE Step-3 examination may be really brain storming for any one appearing for it, as it is the final assessment that makes one qualified to be a licensed medical practitioner. The Step-3 of the examination is quite challenging as all the cases and the items in the test are patient centered and they have a clinical encounter description called the vignette. Based on a recent survey, it has been estimated that around 61% of the students have prepared through the USMLE World Questions and they have prepared for all the 93 cases in the USMLE world.


About 9% of the students have prepared from the Kaplan Question bank and some of the students have prepared from accompanying texts such as the First aid for Step-3, Crush the boards, Master the boards and so on. Most of these students have been successful in their venture of clearing the Step-3 USMLE exams. The scores of these students have ranged from very high to just a pass and the time for the preparation of the exams ranged from 10 days to 2 months.



If you are not a person to prepare that vigorously for your step-3 examination as you worked hard and formal for step-1 and step-2, you can always prepare the sample interactive questions provided by the official USMLE website. You can access the USMLE study material through the link It might be necessary to do some downloading to access the samples. But every such effort is worth it as it will give you an animated demonstration of what the real USMLE exam feel like. Look for what works the best for you and go ahead. Be focused and you will always be on the winning side!

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