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Points to remember while appearing for residency interviews

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Appearing for a residency interview can require something more than just knowledge and applicator skills. It takes a real compelling personality and a deep interest and candidacy from the candidate`s side that will convince the interviewer to select him/her for a residency program. The interview for the residency assess more of the individual`s personality than competency. Certain points to remember while preparing for the residency interview are discussed below.
Residency interviews are not the same as for medical schools:
In an interview for residency, the interviewers are looking for the best and the brightest candidates who will fit into their institutional culture, especially taking responsibility in handling really challenging patient cases with dedication and integrity. It requires a deep interest and devotion to the program and hence the interviews are mostly collegial and conversational attempting to find if your personality will fit into the program.
Make sure to express who you are:
Getting the point across about who you are? And your motives behind choosing a residency program become a very important issue more than exhibiting your skills and competency in an interview like this. Make sure you convey your personal interests and your intentions far more than what is expressed in your curriculum vitae for optimal success.
Normal interview ethics:
The first impression is always the best impression. Hence, make sure you dress appropriately and take care of the way you present and comport yourself before your interviewers. Last but not the least, be confident in your approach and don`t forget that valuable smile and the handshake with your interviewer, that will help break the ice.

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