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Myths and Facts concerning Medical School Education:

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Studying in a medical school and becoming a physician may look like a dream coming true for many. The profession by itself may make you feel prestigious and may give you a sense of accomplishment. Some myths and facts about this noble profession are discussed in this article.
It takes an eternity for one to become a Doctor:
It takes at least 11 years of study to become a Doctor. It takes four years of bachelor degree, four years of medical school and three years of residence. If you want to consider 11 years as eternity, that is completely up to you!
You have to master one hard core science to enter the Medical School:
All that you need to enter the medical school is 1 year of physics, English and Biology and 2 years of chemistry in the bachelor`s. Calculus is an optional if you are planning to enter the medical school.
You should be a Millionaire to study in a Medical School:
Studying in a medical school doesn’t cost you a million. California residents have amazingly cheap bargain of 1700$ per year and even if you are not, it takes 20,000$ to 30,000$ per year which can be funded by loans and scholarships.
What`s more, if you have an intense desire since your childhood to become a physician and that passion does not seem to fade away even when you enter your bachelors, then just put your foot down and enter the stream. After all, it is worth every penny, seeing your dreams coming true!

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